Welcome to Next Generation trading!

Meru Capitals uses high speed algorithms to trade financial markets in India.

We deploy our bespoke proprietary trading engine Kanhoji, which is a high speed, event driven, multi-strategy, multi-client and multi-broker trading engine written in python supported by a web based interface. It operates like a strategy and client market place wherein strategies and clients work independently. The clients can be added or removed from a strategy via a dashboard. It hosts an advanced Strategy module which handles signal generation basis strategy parameters and a signal so generated can be traded in all mapped clients. Strategies benefit from bespoke order types which allows our dealers to place very sophisticated orders like bracket orders, multi-legged orders etc. The orders work seamlessly across all supported brokers without requiring any code on the strategy side.

kanhoji is backed by a web based user interface supporting sophisticated access patterns without compromising confidentiality. The permission philosophy is based on principle of providing minimum permissions possible. Various classes of users get a granular acess to view and modify live trading data tailored to their custom usage patterns like dealers, and clients and staff. So, a dealer can view the real-time trades taken by his algorithms across all clients as well as modify it directly on website. Simultaneously, a staff user can view live margins of all clients and take manual hedges (through website) to reduce margin requirements in time of crunch. Meanwhile a client can view all his positions across all his multiple brokers accounts with us and get sophisticated back-office reports.

We deploy multiple strategies across Cash, Futures and options in Indian Equities, both intraday and positional. They are all backed by exhaustive quantitative research process and monitored on daily basis.

To get it touch, drop a mail to info@merucapitals.com.